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"After your second rewrite assignment I called a meeting and we decided to send all the easy edits to other people."
        – Nomita Divi, MSc., Program Manager, Stanford University India Health Policy Initiative

"Nicholas Carroll is such a talented writer that his book about managing lawyers is fun to read – Dancing with Lawyers is a model of sage advice leavened with witty observations."
        – Jim Bovard,, bestselling political author

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Nicholas on a long-term and extremely complex project. As content strategist, Nicholas never lost sight of the big picture, prioritizing large tasks and small details alike in such a way that deliverables were completed on or in advance of schedule. He knew instinctively when to reach out to others, when to step in, and when to offer guidance. There’s no question that as a result of his superb organizational and strategic skills, the project was completed in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible."
        – Doris Castagno, Owner at Educational Reference Publishing, LLC, colleague in producing a 3-volume academic set: Information and the Information Professions: Selected Works of Marcia J. Bates, Vol. I

"I have known Nicholas in a professional capacity since 1992. He is one of the most efficient and production-savvy editors I have ever dealt with. As impressive as his knowledge of technology, print and media is, his ability to relate his insights in an understandable manner is an equally great strength. He is very organized with an infectious sense of humor whether working in an office environment or independently. I have always found him to be perceptive and adaptable with a meticulous attention to detail."
        – Roy A. Wallace, Western Regional Manager, Maple Press

"Nicholas performs to the professional standards of the entertainment industry, meeting hard deadlines and quality standards."
        – Dorothy Findlater, Manager / Casting Director

"Nicholas is widely knowledgeable, insightful, and good at whatever he turns his hand to. He draws on a wide range of experience to ace every new project – he is a man who can be relied on to get it right, in whatever work he takes on."
        – Marcia Bates, Ph.D., Professor Emerita at UCLA, former Department Chair at UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Science

"I asked Nicholas to perform deep editing of my book. First, I asked him because I liked his own writings: his precision and ability to avoid dry/boring language. I was happy with this: he brought life into the book and yet preserved my own style. However, his work as editor and content developer impressed me even more. He did not hesitate to express honest opinion and suggestions when needed. As the result, I re-wrote several chapters, which clearly improved the book. He also suggested some unorthodox rearrangements, reorganizations and diagram presentations – so unorthodox that I ignored them. Guess what, one year later, I regret this because they would make the book much better. It took me some time to recognize and appreciate all the work that he has done. When intelligence and experience counts – Nicholas is your man."
        – Gennady Ermak, Research Associate Professor, USC, author of Communism: the Great Misunderstanding

"Nicholas's attention to detail is both exemplary and comforting. His ability to constructively provide advice, editorial insight and thematic feedback is what puts you at ease: your manuscript is in good hands. As a result, I had the utmost confidence in publishing my manuscript when my latest book debuted this January of 2014. Nicholas is a superb editor."
        – Kermit E. Heartsong, author of Illusions, Dystopia & Monsters

"I have reviewed the edits you have made for my MS, and all I can say is that they look fantastic. The MS reads much more fluidly and it is easier to get through. I can tell you spent a lot of time on it. I have corrected most of the points you called out, and I am much more confident publishing the book now."
        – Josh Zimmerman, author of How To Become An Intelligence Analyst

"I just had a great experience receiving the most outstanding editing services from Nicholas. He has sensitivity and an exquisite talent for writing, to perfectly guide a writer to the path where their flow and the imagination meet the story. Thanks to Nicholas' guidance and advice, I found that my writings reached the level of quality I've been looking for. I highly recommend Nicholas' editing to anyone looking to receive nothing but the best."
        – Stella Gimenez Norfleet, working on her first book.

"Nicholas is a strategic thinker who gets the job done. Over the years I've known him, he has brought a range of businesses on line quickly and successfully even when the odds were against his clients. He's one of the few people I know who combines left-brain/right-brain thinking on-the-fly to generate great ideas and execute programs that get results almost immediately. He's definitely one of the people who understands that the business of business is business – no ego, just results. On top of it all, you'll find that he's an all-around good guy you'll like working with."
        – Hal Pawluk, Principal, Pawluk AdVantage

"With his broad experience, rapport development and ability to bring out the best in people Nicholas demonstrated his skill at adapting to a fast paced environment and driving our project forward to completion. A strength of his is translating strategy into a tactical plan. He stepped to the front for critical issues with his researched, international perspective that helped our team tremendously."
        – Grant Bowman, Director at Partimus, and colleague at the Logitech/Stanford Research Institute Open Hyperdoument System project, managed by Doug Engelbart (inventor of the computer mouse).

"Nicholas brings a new perspective to solving problems that is not often seen in business today: he actually thinks about them. I found my time working with him at IBM to be beneficial in his both unique and thoughtful analysis of issues. I would recommend Nicholas for any position where you need someone who will endeavor to understand the complexities of your work and come up with solutions that exceed your expectations."
        – Corey McEntyre, Data Flow and Data Transformation Automation and Analytics

"Nicholas has a deep understanding of all aspects of SEO, both on page and off page factors including site architecture, page rank analysis, technical factors, keyword selection and use and more. As a result of this depth of knowledge, his insights and recommendations are both intuitive and well researched and provide his clients with a competitive advantage that will be hard to match."
        – Ken Horst, Vice President, Online Marketing Strategy at Globe Education Network

"I didn't get to work directly with Nicholas when he was at IBM as much as I'd have liked, but even so he stood out as having a broad range of experience that he could bring to bear on web topics. Instead of just following "best practice" or what the latest guru said about the web, he actually analyzed the situation drawing on related subjects. He questioned the common approach and made apt metaphors for the right tactics."
        – Jennifer Day, Web Analytics Manager, Trend Micro

"Having worked with Nicholas on complex projects for, I gained an appreciation for his ability to apply many years of technological thought leadership and analysis to current challenges and opportunities. He not only built creative and resourceful solutions, he did so with a careful eye to the business fundamentals of a global organization in an increasingly difficult economic landscape."
        – Guy Shalev, Digital Marketing and Analytics

"Nicholas Carroll is one of the most successful advertisers out there."
        – David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber (8 million copies sold)

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