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Book editing and production: I've delivered hundreds of books from raw manuscript to print or ebook, with print ranging from short-run (print on demand) to long-run (2500+ copies).

As a book producer I get authors to press. This sometimes involves ghostwriting from transcribed tapes, often involves heavy editing or restructuring, then copyediting/proofing, and includes the "packaging" (structuring, typesetting, cover design) plus getting the book to market effectively.

Other times the author doesn't need much editing – I get several beautifully written manuscripts a year. Then the job is simply making the manuscript a professional book, and getting the author to press.

I work somewhat like a "book packager," with a big difference. Most book packagers are generalized book-chain marketing people who subcontract out the editing, proofing, typesetting, design, deliver the final to the printer or a mainstream publisher ... and then dump the marketing and publicity in your lap.

I'm different. I've been hands-on in every job there is in book publishing and marketing.

The benefits to you:

1. Cost. I'm not bargain-basement, because this is real work. However I don't have to cover the cost of company overhead, so I don't have to charge $25,000 like book packaging companies do.

2. You don't have to deal with a "team." You can ask me anything, and I can answer.

3. I can point you to the most promising angles for promoting and profiting from your book. Book packagers don't do this; they deliver a ready-to-print book to a publisher, and then you're on your own – or at the publisher's mercy. (Yes, I've been there and suffered that, but never again.)

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