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Corporate Writing, Editing, and Content Development

for the High Tech Industry

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I deliver content that speaks to audiences beyond technical writing or basic marketing/PR copy. While most established high tech corporations have both types of writers in-house, marketing/PR writers concentrate on their specialties, and technical writers like to focus on the tech. I have been writing/editing for 25 years, and a programmer and systems integrator for longer, so I can fill that gap; this is particularly important for B2B companies, where either customers or in-house readers may want to know the features as well as the benefits.

Familiar formats
Case studies
Position papers
White papers
Informational web pages
Executive summaries
Summaries of surveys
SEO content writing

Books and manuals
Guides, biographies, and books

Reporting, columns, and interviews

Litigation Consulting and Expert Witness Services:
Defamation of Character

Pre-litigation consulting including libel reviews and reputation management alternatives for both mainstream and social media.

Litigation consulting including potential claims or defenses.

Expert opinion and testimony on:
– Economic damages: business, professional, and personal.
– Emotional distress: a growing award.

Expert Witness Website

Nicholas Carroll Expert CV (PDF)

My particular capabilities include:
  • Making content accessible to the target audience
  • Bringing benefits and features into focus
  • Organizing large or confusing bodies of information into a user-friendly structure, both online and in print

Nicholas Carroll

Editing, Writing, or Content Development: please contact me by either:
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Phone: 415–810–1966

Linkedin Profile:

Time zones I work in: most of the world. While I am located in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California, many of my clients are on the U.S. East Coast or in Europe, so I am normally online at 9 AM U.S. Eastern time, and available by email or phone by that time. I have also worked with Asian clients on a long-term basis.

Varieties of English: I am a native speaker and writer in American, British, and Canadian English, and a fluent writer in Australian/NZ English.

Brief Biography
Writing: Nicholas Carroll has over 25 years experience in writing and editing news, analysis, and advertising. He has been a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, the Times of London, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and a columnist for Southam syndicate. He is a contributing writer at the Huffington Post, and his freelance work has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, and Irish Times of Dublin, among others.

Editing: Articles, ads and books taken from final copy or raw material to print or Web publication.

High-Tech: Internet and online communications background.

Forthcoming Books: Doug Engelbart: the Man, the Vision, and the Machine, a biography written from the perspective of someone who worked directly with the computer mouse inventor on high tech projects.

Previously Published Books: Fighting Slander, Law of the Blog, the classic Dancing with Lawyers: How To Take Charge and Get Results, and The Winding Roads of France.

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